Moon Lake, 06/25 – 06/27 2012

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Cabin in the Woods
This was where we stayed for the couple nights we were there. Wish we could have stayed longer!


Porch View
This was the view from the front porch of the cabin.


More Scenery
Just more views from around the cabin.


Another picture from the cabin area.


The path leading to the lake from the cabin.


Nothing too fancy, I just though this old stump and the area around it looked neat.


More randomness
Just another random shot.


Looking down from the porch to the firepit.


Bryce & Breanne coming back from hiking/fishing.


Campfires are basically the best part of camping.


This guys spent most of the morning running around the outskirts of our cabin site.


It looks like he's playing Peekaboo in this one.


It's a flower. That's about it.


Aww, isn't he cute?


These guys kept poking around, I think they were hoping we would drop food.


He's wondering where all the color went.


Exiting the trees into the lake area to fish!


The first fish I caught on the trip.


I didn't really get any shot of the lake that I liked, so this will have to do.


Caught three more fish when I went back to the lake in the afternoon.


Another flower pic. I like how this one turned out.


Cooking up the fish and some baked potatoes.


Another night around the campfire.


Same fire from the last pic, but cropped and enhanced a little. I really liked the way the ember trails got captured in this pic.



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